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The only thing we are really giving you, is an idea, the rest is up to you. We hope you obtain some fulfillment in your endeavours.


Who in their right mind can look at this graph, and not think something is wrong. If a doctor, mechanic or other professional saw a growth trend like this, there would be concern, and rapid intervention. But governments are not acting quickly enough so we need to take matters in to our own hands.


A single hybrid willow will crate a small carbon sink. The willow locks atmospheric CO2 in to its structure. Provided the willow stays alive, the CO2 will remain locked up.

How Much

The woodland carbon code, have calculated that a mixed woodland locks up around 600 tons per hectare over a 100 year period. That is not a great deal. Just 50 people emit that much CO2 annually. So we need a lot of trees to even scratch the surface on climate change.

Do Not Despair

One the hardest thing about climate change is that it is such a big problem. Most people go weak at the knees when they think about it. But the key is to do something. Plant a tree this week . . . something else next week.